#ODP13 Day Ten

#ODP13 Day Ten


We’re 1/3 of the way through October! I feel like time has flown by. Midterm exams (well, the one I had) have passed (and soon we’ll find out if I did!) The weather is turning ever colder. Soon, there will be snow, hot cocoa, Christmas carols, and oversized sweaters 🙂 But until then, we have fall and the October Dress Project!

#ODP13 Day Ten

I actually got quite a few compliments on this outfit, which is surprising because I don’t usually receive compliments from people at school. My lab professor even commented, which was kind of interesting… I wore The Dress, a black and white chevron top, the same black jacket from yesterday (and days previously, it’s the only black jacket I have that’s light enough to wear in this weather), a white necklace, black studs, and silver sparkly TOMS. I feel like my TOMS are going to get a ton of wear this month, simply because I have neither white nor black flats, so if I’m not wearing any colors, and I want to wear flats (which is almost always because my book bag weighs like a thousand pounds) then the TOMS are basically my only choice. Oh well, everyone needs a little extra sparkle in their life 🙂
#ODP13 Day Ten

Also: a quick grainy pic to show what I’ve worn every day this month, an apron! Protect The Dress!! Most days I just wear it because I’m making dinner, but today I wore it for my first adventure into vegan baking! (scary, I know) More updates on that to come.
#ODP13 Day Ten



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