#ODP13 Day Eight

#ODP13 Day Eight

Today was a lazy day. Not that I didn’t get a lot done, but I did all things that I wanted to do. I spent all morning working on my project for my art appreciation class (it’s almost done and looks totally awesome, if you ask me) and watching Once Upon a Time (because who wants to glue tiny pieces of paper together without watching tv at the same time?). Then I realized that it was noon and I had to leave the house in 40 minutes. I hadn’t showered or eaten breakfast or lunch yet. So as I rushed to get ready I thought, I’m only going one place today, I’ll just wear something boring so I don’t waste a good ODP outfit on a boring day. So I just threw this on. It kind of backfired though because I really like this outfit after all. Oh well, maybe I’ll repeat it at the end of the month.
good outfit

Although I believe it’s a totally rational fear.

#ODP13 Day Eight

So I paired the dress with a chambrey top, black beads, black “pear” earrings, a bracelet one of my piano students gave me, a bracelet a friend brought back from Cambodia for me (I was cat-sitting for her), and my sparkly TOMS.#ODP13 Day Eight



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