I am "That Girl"

 You know the one. The one who clicks into class. Who wears heels more than she wears flats. I just can’t wear flats four whole days a week! I just can’t! So Friday I wore heels to school. And I survived! I thought I would be in so much pain at the end of the day, with carrying an extra 30 or so pounds on my back and all, but my feet didn’t hurt that bad!
 I just got these shoes and shirt at the thrift store the other day with my mom. I think they were each about $3.
 I’m pretty much in love with these shoes. Even though they are technically one size too small they don’t pinch my feet. They had a little tear in the material on the back of the right heel, but I did a little DIY fix that you can look forward to in the next week or so (:
 The shirt was actually a size 14, which is probably two sizes bigger than I normally would have gotten, but I just added a belt and it works!
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