Breaking Bottles

So I’m sure most of you have seen the pin about cutting bottles with string and fire. I’ve been wanting to try this one for a while, and I decided this past Sunday was the perfect day. I had been saving these bottles for about a month for such a time as this.
 I washed the labels off with warm water and got everything set up. I bring it all outside when I hit my first pitfall. My mother was sitting outside and she kind of freaked out about the fact that I was lighting bottles on fire on her front porch… After it was OK’d by dad (with the condition that I wear safety goggles) I was back on my way. 
Although the bottle says extremely flammable, I had a really hard time getting the string to light on fire. No biggy, I just switched to rubbing alcohol and that lit up just fine. I let the flame burn for about 30 seconds before I dunked it in the ice water pot. It cracked almost all the way around, and I just had to knock the top against the pot a few times before the whole top broke off. It’s not a perfect straight line, but I think that adds character.

 The next one was a little more eventful. I soaked the string, wrapped it 6 times around the bottle, lit it on fire, and let it go. It all seemed to be going perfectly! 

 This picture was supposed to be of the fire, but you couldn’t see it. It was burning though! I think I let it burn a little too long though, because when I dunked it in the ice water, well you can just see…

 It shattered…

 Good thing I was wearing safety glasses (aka, the biggest sunglasses I own…)
 The bottom was still pretty much in tact, so I was able to just sand the top smooth and make it work! 
 I chose to use dry black beans for the filling because my bathroom colors are black white and pink. 
 I really like the way it turned out!

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