Scarf Tying

So I was browsing Pinterest (I know, surprise, right?) and came across a pin that I knew I had pinned before, but I had forgotten about it. I decided to try it. Several (hundred) tries later I was completely frustrated. Of course, my mom got it right the first time. Anyway, I give you…the bow scarf! You can find detailed instructions here, but I’ll give you an overview. She tells you to start with one end of your scarf longer than the other, but I found it easier to do with the ends the same length. You then take one end and loop it to make a circle and pinch in the middle to make a bow. Then you want to take your other end and wrap it around the pinched middle. You will be coming up from the bottom with the end on the opposite side of the bow from your body. Wrap that end around it once, then when you bring it back to the top you tie it in a knot. This is the part that messed me up. I thought you were supposed to be knotting it with part of the bow end, but it turns out you knot it completely with the same end. I didn’t realize how hard it is to explain in words. Go to her site, she shows you with pictures! If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them!

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2 thoughts on “Scarf Tying

  1. Of course your mom got it the first time! Moms know everything! (This from the mom who won't post a photo of the cupcake caterpillar I made lol).

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