Belt Refashion

So on Saturday my mom and I helped with a fundraising yard sale. You know what they say about yard sales? You bring a box to donate and come home with two boxes of stuff you bought! While that wasn’t quite true with us, I did find several things for us to buy! The good thing about yard sales though, is that you get a ton of stuff and you only spend $2.50. Anyway, back to the project at hand. While we were at the yard sale I saw a super cute belt that I had to have. I love belts. I just recently found out that I love them, so now I’m expanding my collection. I used to hate belts. My mom would always bug me about how my pants were too loose and I needed a belt, but I never wanted to wear one. Totally different story nowadays! I wear them even when I don’t need them. So I convinced my mom to buy this belt (I didn’t bring any money in a valiant attempt to not buy anything…you see how much good that did…). It was only 50 cents for goodness sake! The only problem was it went around my waist a time and a half. It was WAY too big. But we bought it anyway because I knew I could cut it down and resize it. What do you know, I was right!

Before. As you can see, it does no good
The first thing I did was measure how much smaller I wanted it to be and cut off the extra with a sharp scissors. I then glued the end so it wouldn’t move around while I sewed the end shut. Well, I say “I” sewed the end shut. However, my mom was so excited that the sewing machine was out again (for the first time since we moved) that she hijacked my project and sewed the end shut. (see a hilarious depiction, written by my dad, of her sewing addiction here)

 The rest of the project is super easy if you have one of these thingymajigers. Nice technical name, huh? I thought so too. I have no idea what they’re really called. Anyway, you just measure where the middle is and how big the previous holes were (that will tell you how big the hole has to be for the buckle to go through). I did all the measuring for the first hole, but then I thought of the genius idea to just overlap the piece with the original holes onto the piece I wanted my holes to be on and punched away.

And voila! Project complete!

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