Peachy Green

I’m so proud of myself for blogging again! I’m really getting the hang of this. 🙂 I just bought a new jacket/blazer from the on-post thrift shop. It used to have a button, but it is now lost, and it would be too small to button anyway, but for $1, I thought it was worth it! It fits very nicely around my shoulders (I have really broad shoulders…), and it stays closed even without a button. Also, these are my very first self-taken photos to go on my blog!
I’m still getting the hang of camera (instead of phone) selfies. I’m not so much a fan of this face, but I really like the way you can see my earrings blowing in the wind.

This is the button on the sleeve. Super cute and sparkly!

The lining has an adorable flower pattern

And no outfit is complete without a cute pair of cowgirl boots! Also bought at a thrift shop for only $6!
My grandma will be very proud that the jacket is corduroy; she has been trying to convince me for quite some time now that corduroy is the height of fashion. I am starting to believe her! So what do you think of the outfit? Plus, any tips on taking better camera selfies?

2 thoughts on “Peachy Green

  1. I think for ur first camera selfie u did a FAB job! NOT looking right into the cam is better & this shot gives you a GREAT “gazing off into the distance” look! I STILL can't wrap my head around the fact that u r technically just a kid! Well, a Young Woman, really! You are doing a marvelous job on the whole Blogging thing! Keep it up, I find ur blog very refreshing! Maybe it is cuz its coming from a younger generation but it is still an enjoyable read!

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