October Dress Project: Day Twenty-Three

Patterns, patterns, patterns!! Y’all already know I love zebra print, but here’s another fun fact: I love England! I’ve been there twice and it’s one of my dreams to open a bakery/bookshop in downtown London. Oh, and marry a ginger Englishman so I can have adorable ginger English babies. But anyway…

Today was pattern day. I LOVE putting patterns on top of each other! So I’m wearing the dress, my union jack scarf, a zebra print sweater (fun fact about this sweater: I picked it out in the resale shop and my mom thought it was going to be awful, but when I tried it on she really liked it!), zebra print sequin shoes, zebra print white earrings, and a black bow headband. So that’s all for day twenty-three, see you guys tomorrow! 🙂


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