October Dress Project: Day Sixteen

So I thought it was freezing today, so I wore a scarf and a sweater, only to find out when I went out that it was actually a decent temperature outside. I ended up only wearing the scarf because it was just too warm to wear the sweater!

 So I’m wearing the dress with a purple sweater (when I got this sweater my sister looked at it like “oh my word, you’re really going to try that on?” but now she likes it), a purple scarf my mom made for me yesterday, purple earrings from my aunt and uncle, and super old purple wedges. I also have a little purple flower in my hair, but you can’t see it. So that’s day sixteen, only fifteen days left!!

And here’s yet another gem found on Pinterest. I totally agree, wear what you think looks good, not what some random person says looks good!


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